Folk group “Poverie” is a constant participant of different
celebrations and holidays in Moscow and other Russian cities.

06347A08156F-1.png“Poverie” - is a folk group of talented creative people interested in prevention of Russian culture traditions and in adaptation of folk songs for modern listeners. The group consists of professional artists – the participants of many festivals and the winners of different Russian and international competitions.

The opportunities:

  • The Concerts (different themes)
  • The Musical accompaniment of exhibitions and presentations.
  • The reception of guests ( with “charochka”, “karavai”, triumphal songs etc.) – it is an ideal variant for meeting of foreigners.
  • The celebration of corporative and personal events: jubilee, birthday, New Year, different folk holiday - such as “Maslenitsa”, “Rozhdestvo (Christmas )”- etc.
  • The celebration of Wedding Day in accordance with real Russian traditions (“ The handing over the bride to fiancé” etc.)
  • Master-classes.
  • The celebration of different folk holidays: such as “Rozhdestvo”, “Maslenitsa”, “Pasha”, “Troitsa”, “Ivan Cupala” etc.) on the landscape.
  • Interactive folk plays ( “The Colyada came before the Christmas…”, “Oi, Maslenitsa , really…” etc.
  • “The Folk Discoteka” (Folk in a modern style)

The Repertoire:

  • The old folk traditional songs for meeting guests (with bread-“Karavai”, with a glass of wine-“Charochka” etc.) - It is an ideal variant for meeting foreigners.
  • A special songs for celebrating of Wedding and folk holidays such as “Rozhdestvo”, “Maslenitsa”, “Pasha”, “Troitsa”, “Ivan Cupala”
  • Folk Humour Songs –“Chastushka” accompanied by natural Russian musical instruments ( balalaika, garmoshka etc.)
  • Goyful Russian songs for dancing with guests (interactive)
  • Lirical songs.
  • Russian folk games for children and adults.
  • Songs for “Horovod” (interactive)
  • Triumphal songs for guests
  • Poliphonic singing without accompany.
  • Dance-Folk programe in modern style with electric guitar and sinthesator
  • Games in Russian style.

The quantity of participants (from 3-6 till 12 members) and other technical conditions differs from the scale of arrangement.